Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learning How to Overcome Social Anxiety Symptoms

Learning how to overcome social anxiety symptoms or panic in social situations is very important for those that suffer with this ailment. Not only do people that suffer social anxiety symptoms have problems at home, in relationships, and at work, it also attacks their lifestyle and causes them to have a sense of being invaluable to the society around them.

Though overcoming social anxiety symptoms is tough it can be done without drugs. Most of the sufferers have a lack of self esteem so self help therapy and developing social skills could be all that one needs to overcome the disorder.

Panic in social situations for the most part is a psychological condition rather than a physical one. Basically it is having a sense of being overwhelmed in a social environment. You tend to be worried about what those around you are thinking about you and many times you will avoid any kind of social gathering. Even though social anxiety is a psychological condition as stated above it can have a physical effect when dealing with social anxiety symptoms. One might feel dizzy, have muscle spasms, and may even begin to sweat profusely. Often times in much extreme situations it may cause panic attacks.

There are different alternatives to drugs that one can do to cure social anxiety symptoms. Below are a few steps that one can do to help control their panic:

1) Mental Preparedness - Role play with yourself or if your comfortable with a friend or family member. Come up with some challenges that actually cause the social anxiety symptoms to occur. When you prepare yourself mentally before the problem actually happens you will have a confidence to help you with the situation at hand.

2) Involve yourself socially - Begin to build various relationships with people you don't usually talk to. Get involved with a drama or something that will cause you to be social. If you need to join a support group so that you can be around some of the people that share the same panic as you. Pick their brains and find out what they use to help them in their day to day situations.

3) Control fear - A major problem that people get with social anxiety symptoms is the stress it causes on the body. The shakes, sweating, irregular heartbeat, and different thoughts can be physical reactions to these symptoms. Learn to relax by meditating or taking a yoga class.

4) Look at your fears straight in the eyes - Lack of self esteem and insecurity can be the reasons for social panic attacks, instead of lack of social skills. If this is the case begin to put yourself in different situation that are uncomfortable. Make yourself step out of your comfort zone repeatedly. This will give you a sense of confidence and who knows you may begin to love it.

The fact is you are what you think and these thoughts can control your entire life. If you will take a moment to relax and follow some of the steps you read above, you will begin to cure social anxiety symptoms. Being positive is key and if you will work hard at it you will begin to enjoy those wonderful people around you. Social anxiety and panic can be defeated, it is up to you.

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