Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stop Suffering from Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorders

Have you been suffering from panic attacks or anxiety disorders? You're not alone, alone 40% of the American population are also suffering just like you. Some people are a little more courageous than others and share their situation with their closest friends and family while others simply hide it from everyone. Having been a panic attack sufferer myself, I know how terrible it is to be experience the attacks in front of almost everyone.

What will you do when the worst scenario will happen to you? Perhaps you'd panic even more and try to shut yourself from the world due to excessive embarrassment. During these times, the very last thing we'd want to do is to be seen by the people that matters to us most. We don't want them to see us suffer, we don't want to see the confusion on their eyes, we just don't like them seeing us uncontrollable.

For several years that I have been suffering from panic attacks, I discovered that the first step to conquering it is believing in God and yourself. With the assurance that God is with us in all things and in all places keeps us from thinking that we're alone and that no one loves or understands us. I suggest that we involve ourselves in various activities such as preparing from the upcoming Christmas celebration. Get involved in the preparation or in various activities for this special season of the year. Start now so you can save yourself from additional years of panic attacks.