Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Easy Ways to Overcome Panic Attacks

Actually, what is a panic attack? It is nothing but a person's intense fear or anxiety. This occurs suddenly without any warning. Panic attacks are usually the results of your own thinking. Only when you peacefully break them down into their different components and analyze them you can achieve mastery. Usually the belief that you are in a danger can further increase your anxiety. These type of people would be commonly experiencing terror that is a feeling that something terrible is going to happen. Racing heart, difficulty in breathing, chest pains, sweating, trembling, numbness in the hands and feet, chilling, fear of losing control, fear of dying, fear of going crazy, crawling sensation on top of head and heaviness in the head are some of the other symptoms of panic attacks.

There are several methods to overcome panic attacks. According to studies, cognitive behavior therapy is one of the best ways to overcome panic attacks. Almost eighty to eighty five percent of the people have overcome panic attacks by undergoing this therapy. This type of therapy used to overcome panic attacks usually has two procedures. First procedures are to identifying and change the distorted thinking patterns that maintain anxiety usually known as cognitive therapy. Second procedure is by making less susceptible to anxiety through exposure to feared situations known as behavior therapy. Both these procedures are experimented depending upon the nature of problems faced by the patients. Specific phobias like fear of heights are treated by exposure therapy alone whereas panic disorder without agoraphobia treated by cognitive therapy alone.

The person must start noting down dreams and translate their hidden messages through the scientific methods of dream interpretation in order to overcome panic attacks. Never forget to write down your dreams every day so that you can relate them back to what is happening in your life. This is often just because one dream explains another and may certainly relate to your life, your mental happiness, and health. You must be mentally strong and believe that you are not going to die while interpreting your dreams. Each time you must resist and simply bear them. Ultimately, you can overcome the entire panic attacks.

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