Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

Those who suffer from panic attacks know how truly debilitating they can be. The out of control feeling of fear and anxiety can cause one to avoid everyday activities such as driving, shopping, socializing, and more. Your heart rate speeds up, your stomach drops, you have chest pain, sometimes you feel like you will pass out. All of these physical reactions are cause by anxiety and stress. So how do you stop panic attacks naturally?

One thing you can do is practice calming yourself down. This is a mental and physical exercise where you slow your own breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then you attempt to get yourself in check mentally by reminding yourself that these feelings are not real, that you are having a panic attack and that it will soon pass. One great way to stop panic attacks is to lie down, if possible, or relax as best you can and imagine yourself on a beach, walking barefoot in the sand. Listen to the waves crashing on the shore and picture yourself having nothing to fear or worry about.

Another great way to stop it, is to have a partner that you can call when you feel one coming on. Let them know what calms you and that you will be calling them to help stop it. They can remind you to do your breathing exercises and other distressing activities. If possible they can come to where you are at to help, but even a phone call can do wonders at relieving stress.

If the cause of your attacks are due to a certain environment, then you may need to remove yourself from the situation, even if only temporarily until you calm down. Sometimes this is not possible, but you can still stop panic attacks even if you have to remain in the situation. But removing yourself from a stressful environment can be a quick fix to stop panic attacks naturally.

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