Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to Overcome Panic Attacks - Behavior Management and Self Control By Christina Sponias

Panic is a sensation of total despair and weakness that provokes several alterations in the body. defines it as:

1. A sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.

2. An instance, outbreak, or period of such fear.

This is the definition of its characteristics. The definition of what panic really means, and why many people experience panic attacks, is more complex.

The truth is that the human being possesses a wild and violent primitive conscience, besides his known human conscience. This violent anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy the human side through craziness because it is absurd and cruel. It is a wild animal that has no sensitivity.

Therefore the anti-conscience constantly tries to frighten the human side of the conscience in order to dominate it. First it induces the person to make many mistakes by misinterpreting many points of the objective reality. Later it provokes panic, when the person understands that something is wrong with them, even though they cannot understand exactly what it is.

The mistakes and misconceptions provoke problematic situations, fears and despair. This is when the anti-conscience has the chance to cause even more damage to the human conscience, after conquering a portion of the field of the conscious realm.

Suddenly the person starts sweating, feeling dizzy and losing the floor under their feet. This weakness increases their initial fear. They feel so hopeless that they believe they are in a situation that has no salvation.

This is the result of the invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of the conscience. This invasion happens many times, but depending on the problems they cause and on the psychological type of each person, it may provoke different mental disturbances that develop into graver diseases, if the person doesn't fight against this domination.

In order to completely eliminate panic attacks the person must start taking note of their dreams and translate their hidden messages through the scientific method of dream interpretation. The unconscious mind that produces the dreams is wise and saintly, and tries to save the human side of our conscience from the craziness that the wild side imposes on us.

If you experience panic attacks, don't delay in writing down your dreams every day and relating them back to what is happening in your life. One dream explains another and is always related to your life, your mental health and happiness.

In order to fight against the panic you may have while interpreting your dreams, you must be strong and believe that you are not going to faint or die, and that nothing bad will happen to you. Simply bear the horrible sensations with courage, waiting for their end. They won't last too long. Each time you resist and simply bear them, waiting for their end without losing hope, they lose power.

Having the tools of resistance in one hand and dream analysis in the other, will help you forever eliminate panic attacks, besides helping you develop your intelligence to the fullest and acquire mental health, balance, wisdom and happiness for life. Everything depends on the elimination of the dangerous wild and violent side of your conscience.

You are going to eliminate the enemy, but without killing it, since it is a part of you. This is your wild self, which has to be tamed and acquire basic human characteristics like compassion and forgiveness, so that you may live peacefully, and enjoy real and long-lasting happiness.

This way your behavior will not be controlled by the absurd anti-conscience and you'll have self control, and always feel strong and self-confident.

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