Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Overcome Panic Attacks and Anxiety - 4 Basic Steps That Will Lead to Immediate Relief

Panic Symptoms: Panic is a sensation of total despair where the person is totally vulnerable and extremely weak. When a person has a panic attack he starts sweating, his heart beat increases and he loses control over his actions and thoughts. People who have a phobia pertaining to something specific, when exposes to their fears are very susceptible to panic attacks because of increasing anxiety and they cannot control themselves which results in a panic attack, because they feel helplessness.

Panic and Anxiety Triggers: A few 'triggers' which have been identified as to lead to anxiety are the after effects of few medicines, these may be temporary or even permanent occurring long after the patient has stopped taking those medicines; in the aftermath of a drug withdrawal, especially alcohol; and the hyperventilation syndrome where over breathing leads to exhaling excess of carbon dioxide in relation to the oxygen present in ones bloodstream leading to increase in the heart beat and dizziness.

Treatment should start with natural and meditative methods first. A number of doctors are of the opinion that medicine only treats the symptoms of a panic attacks and not the problem itself. This is the reason why natural methods to stop panic attacks are feasible. Because different people have different tolerance levels when it comes to stress, there is no single therapy which is applicable to all but a number of different methods and practices which together help to put a stop to panic attacks.

If one is suffering from panic attacks, or knows someone who is, then one should take precautionary measures and first resort to several comprehensive natural and meditative methods which are extremely beneficial rather than straightaway getting involved with heavy meditation which in more cases than one has side effects. Therefore, it is not absolutely mandatory that one needs medical attention to deal with these episodes.

Basic steps: Mentioned below are simple tips which one needs to follow in order to overcome panic attacks.

HEALTHY EATING: Irregular meals are not good for the body and people should altogether avoid caffeine and alcohol completely because these are known to increase the chance of having a panic attack. Herbal tea is also known to calm the nervous system.
EXERCISE: Apart from eating right, it is extremely important to be fit physically and exercise in order to start feeling better. Any activity which pumps our blood thus increasing our adrenaline can reduce the risk of anxiety because it helps the body to cope with stress. If you feel that you are about to get a attack, take a walk and try to focus on other things like the movie you saw the other night or just count to divert your mind.
MEDITATION & RELAXATION: Anxiety is very often related to the stress which the person is burdened with. Thus if one can cope with stress by different stress management methods like meditation, the chances of an attack are significantly reduced. Meditating helps us to focus on our breathing and empty our thoughts; this allows us to control our anxiety. Yoga and deep breathing can relieve the mind and subsequently the body of all our ill thoughts and result in a healthier mind and body. A stress free mind is a great way to reduce the probability of panic attacks.
COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY: Living with a problem of anxiety attacks can be extremely difficult. The technique which is the most effective in dealing with them is the cognitive behavioral technique where the person who is having the attacks needs to identify the thoughts and sensations. Once they have been identified, it is important to demarcate between the two because anxiety is not causes by the sensations, but the thoughts and beliefs regarding those sensations is what gives rise to the anxiousness.
To overcome panic you need to believe in ourselft and your ability to cope. A positive attitude will help you the most to deal effectively with inner struggles. While dealing with panic attacks, you needs to be patient when you don't get better overnight. It's a continuous journey where you can only take one step at a time.

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